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Having operated in citrus production for years and obtained efficient results by increasing its plantation area, Biltar aims to keep its pace in the Turkish agriculture industry. The company, with an annual average citrus production of 1,000 tons over a 1,000-decare land, researches various agricultural cultivation methods considering the quality and specifications of the fruits it produces, and cultivates using several methods. One third of the total citrus fruit production is exported. Biltar points out that its citrus fruit products are highly competitive by means of their natural flavor and quality. The company, aiming to enhance domestic and international demand through quality production planning and utilize the correct marketing channels for the country, have completed its branding process by prioritizing promotion and marketing activities for its citrus products.

Biltar has a pretty wide range of operations, considering the variety of the tree species in its agricultural citrus gardens. Moreover, its production contributes greatly to the agriculture industry.