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Biltar Tarımsal İşletmeleri performs pomegranate cultivation activities since 2007, on a land of 236 decares. The company tries to raise pomegranate fruits in the Ceyhan province of Adana, where summers are usually hot and draughty, and winters are warm and rainy. The region, receiving an annual average rainfall of 500 mm, is quite suitable for pomegranate cultivation and provides an annual production capacity of 30 tons. Biltar takes necessary precautions to ensure dry air conditions in the period when fruits are formed, and enhances the products’ overall market value through ensuring raising of quality fruits. Considering the soil structure and climate conditions of The Çukurova region is concerned, Adana Ceyhan region is accepted as a suitable area for pomegranate cultivation. Biltar enhances its pomegranate cultivation value every year, along with its export capacity. With a planting distance of 5x3 m per decare, and a resulting 11,917 pomegranate trees in an area of 236 decares, Biltar owns Hicaz, Caner 2 and Wonderfull pomegranate gardens. Biltar pays utmost attention to the conditions necessary for the development of the pomegranate fruit, such as dry and hot air, deep, permeable and cool soil and lighting. Pomegranate harvest usually starts in late August, every year, and continues until mid-November. Biltar has a wide and modern facility specialized in pomegranate storage, where pomegranate fruits are stored in cold warehouses set to 1-2°C with 85-90% relative humidity. Moreover, since it is more appropriate that the selection and size sorting of the pomegranates are made by hand, the fruits are carefully packaged to prevent contact with each other and offered to the Turkish market.

Benefits of Pomegranates;
...are as follows:
  • Regulates blood pressure;
  • Protects the heart and supports regular heart activity;
  • Protects and reinforces the body resistance against infections;
  • Provides energy and eases weariness;
  • Removes toxins from the body with its diuretic effect;
  • Reinforces the immune system, and protects against diseases;
  • Regulates cholesterol and blood sugar levels, preventing potential increases;
  • Helps to achieve a smooth skin;
  • 100 ml of pomegranate juice provides 16% of the daily vitamin C need of an adult;
  • Pomegranate juice is very rich in vitamin B and potassium.
Pomegranate essence is used in many diet products. This is because pomegranate essence is regarded as a natural product, as it does not contain sugar, calories or additives.

Pomegranate prevents tachycardia and reinforces the stomach. When juiced with its cortex, it has a biligenic effect and cures constipation. However, excessive consumption may result in poisoning, thus it should be consumed with care.

With its antivirus effect, pomegranate juice is also used for tartar cleaning. Some researches suggest that pomegranate seed oil inhibits estrogen synthesis and thus prevents reproduction of mammal cancer cells. Lately, it is known to be researched whether or not pomegranate juice can be used against prostate cancer.