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Biltar Tarımsal İşletmeleri performs lemon cultivation on a land of 103 decares. The company has an annual average lemon cultivation capacity of 143,298 kg. Biltar Tarım İşletmeleri enhances the products’ market value through ensuring efficient conditions in production. The Çukurova region is highly recommended for lemon cultivation with its suitable climate conditions. Biltar expands its lemon cultivation activities especially in the Adana Ceyhan region, including its export capacity. Owning 2,010 lemon trees, Biltar strives to improve itself in its activity areas, keeping track of the latest agricultural machinery and equipment, and thus continues its development mission.

Lemon can be cultivated in everywhere with a mild climate, and can be found on evergreen trees carrying volatile matters and oils. Lemon is one of the most well-known citrus fruits, with its egg shape, aromatic peel and sour taste. The peels of this fruit is used to produce lemon essence.

Benefits of Lemons;
...are as follows:

Being rich in vitamin C, mucilage, citric acid and salts, lemon reduces fever and blood pressure, cleans the blood, eases thirst and reinforces the heart. Moreover, it is also useful for atherosclerosis and rheumatism. It helps to quickly cure from flu. It disinfects the stomach, intestines and the urinary tracts. It prevents food poisoning. Lemon is known to be a diuretic. It also helps to pass kidney and bladder gravel and stones. It cures acnes on the face. It helps prettification of the skin. Lemon is beneficiary in the curing of liver diseases and moreover, it helps the whitening of the teeth and reinforcing of the gums. It helps to cure cold. Researches reveal that it helps to cure scurvy. It resolves throat and tonsil infections. It stops diarrhea and prevents anemia. It prevents excessive menstrual bleeding in women. It helps curing of corns. It eases stomach aches, headaches and body aches. Lemon is also known to cure sun spots on the face.