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Established by the Bilici family in the Ceyhan province of Adana over a land of 11,000 decares, the foundation of Biltar Tarım İşletmeleri dates back to the 1960s. The company, operating under Bilici Group, raises a variety of products on the land it is established upon, using state-of-the-art agricultural buildings, machinery and its staff with expertise in agriculture. Thus, significant contribution is provided for the development of the regional and national economy. Biltar raises citrus, pomegranates, olives and miscellaneous arable crops on its agricultural lands, as well as cotton, corn, soybean, wheat and watermelon on the cultivable parts of its land. During such activities, the company utilizes equipment such as state-of-the-art drip irrigation systems that consider the type, quality, specifications and nutrition conditions of the products, as well as moisture meters, automated fertilization and pesticide spraying equipment and modern wind machines that are effective in cold weather conditions.

Having been qualified for Good Agricultural Practices and GLOBAL SAP certificates, Biltar aims to continue its activities with an innovative and modern approach. The Bilici family, owning considerable amounts of land in Adana since the past, operates in its plantation areas with northeast-southwest orientation, on artificial elevations with row gaps of 6m and height of 4m. This enables Biltar Tarım İşletmeleri to perform agricultural plantation activities on a very wide area, thus producing according to the market demand and ensure customer satisfaction in the international arena.

Biltar, with its integrated pickling facility within its recently established olive oil facilities, is able to process the products without human touch, through all processes from the field to packaging. The company operates under the vision of industrialization by utilizing technology to the greatest extent possible, without foregoing its mission of being one of the best agricultural business facilities; both now and in future projects.