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Biltar Tarımsal İşletmeleri performs grapefruit cultivation on a land of 49 decares. Biltar, with its average annual grapefruit cultivation capacity of 136,494 kg, enhances the products’ market value through ensuring efficient conditions in grapefruit production. When the climate conditions of the Çukurova region is concerned, Grapefruit appears as an appropriate fruit to be cultivated in this region. Biltar expands its grapefruit cultivation activities in the Adana Ceyhan region, including its export capacity. Owning 1,342 grapefruit trees, Biltar strives to improve itself in the agriculture area, keeping track of the latest technologic developments in agriculture. This enables the company to achieve sustainable development in the agriculture area.

Grapefruit is the fruit of the Citrus Paradisi tree, with a bitter and very health-giving juice that can be enjoyed in every season other than summer.

Benefits of Grapefruits;
...are as follows:
  • Grapefruit is impressively good for health, especially with its reductive effect on bad cholesterol. It accelerates the blood circulation in the capillaries. It prevents vascular diseases;
  • Grapefruit reduces the risk of cancer. Researches reveal that grapefruit is especially helpful in reducing the risk of stomach and pancreatic cancer.
  • Grapefruit increases resistance to sicknesses with its high vitamin C content;
  • Moreover, grapefruit helps to control high blood pressure, thanks to its rich potassium content.

In order to benefit from these significant health-friendly features of grapefruit, especially to balance the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, the recommended consumption is to eat it like eating an orange, rather than drinking its juice.